Great Smokes
Photos/David Yellen
The editors recall some of their finest cigar-smoking experiences
I had my first cigar when I was a student at the great University of Miami in the 1960s. I went on a day trip to the Bahamas. While I was on the boat, I noticed somebody was smoking a cigar, and he offered one to me. It had a wooden tip—a Hav-A-Tampa Jewel. I later bought a five-pack, which cost me 25 cents. After that, I began smoking bigger cigars, especially Partagás No. 10s. They were real, handmade cigars as opposed to ones that were made by machines. I had an office in London in the 1980s, and that’s when I became good friends with Edward Sahakian, who owns the Davidoff store. It was there that I began buying Cuban cigars. My favorites were some of Cuba’s …
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