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GoVideo D2730

I was the New-Age Digital Man. I had a 5-megapixel SLR camera with interchangeable lenses, a 3 CCD video camcorder with a swiveling screen and in-camera editing, and a list of downloaded MP3 songs as long as J. Edgar Hoover's arm. I guess you could say I was unhappy.

The problem was I had no convenient way to enjoy all this new media. I was listening to the music over the tinny speakers of my PC, the Kubrick-level cinema I was creating never made it any further than my hard drive, and my wife was clamoring that she never saw any of the bazillion photos I'd snapped of the kids. Enter the GoVideo D2730 with one solution to all these content troubles. The D2730 is a networked DVD player that not only plays just about any digital disc from CD to DVD, but allows you to stream digital content from your PC to your television and stereo system. With a network system (either hard-wired or wireless), you can play files from your home office to anywhere in your house.

Want to view MPEGs or other video files on your new 36-inch liquid plasma TV monitor, the D2730 will hook into it. Prefer to hear MP3 audio on your superfidelity stereo system rather than the one-inch speakers that came in your desktop, it has the connections to do that. Furthermore, you can create a playlist of music files that makes it unnecessary for anyone to ever have to mess with changing CDs during your cocktail/dinner party. (At more private functions you can preprogram the D2730 to play "Bolero" at the most opportune time.) Do you have thousands of JPEG photos that you've been meaning to print so you could show them to friends when they come over? Now you can create slide shows with the included GoVideo software that you simply play over your television set.

Now if the D2730 ($249) would only record my DVDs, put the Internet on the tube and make me a cup of coffee, I could be happy.