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Gone Smoke Odor Eliminator

To some, smoke stinks. Whether it's a significant other refusing to hug you or a coworker winnowing the air after you pass, the lingering effects of a cigar-smoking session are not always appreciated.

Cigar smokers know this and try to combat the problem with various tricks, such as bringing a change of clothes to the cigar bar or wearing less absorbent fabrics. Impractical solutions, at best.

Now there is a practical answer, though: the Gone Smoke Pen. Gone Smoke is an odor-eliminating spray that was specifically designed to remove tobacco smell from hair, clothing, upholstery and anywhere else you don't want to smell like an ashtray.

Unlike Febreze, the Gone Smoke aerosol is a dry spray that doesn't dampen surfaces. It also only neutralizes the odor and does not try to mask the air with any sort of scent, like "mountain breeze" or lilacs — something this reviewer appreciates.

Recently, I attended the Big Smoke in New York and wore a wool blazer. Wool, being a natural fiber, better absorbs odors and so the jacket reeked of stale cigars. Normally I would take the jacket to the dry cleaners, but I wanted to test if Gone Smoke would work.

I sprayed a small amount on the material and let the blazer air out in my bathroom. In only about five minutes, all traces of the Big Smoke were gone. The blazer was ready to go again and, best of all, it smelled like wool and not "a calm summer afternoon."

The Gone Smoke Pen, which is discreet and practical enough to be carried in a pocket, retails for $4.99 and can be found at your local tobacconist or at