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Golf's Biggest Fight

Greg Norman’s LIV Golf has entered into full-blown war with the PGA Tour
| By Jeff Williams | From 30 Years Of Cigar Aficionado, November/ December 2022
Golf's Biggest Fight
Whoever thought that the greatest battles the golf world has ever seen wouldn’t be on the golf course? The Ryder Cup’s War by the Shore in 1991, which spurred similar friendly conflicts going forward, was nothing more than a skirmish compared to the onslaught of Greg Norman’s newly launched Saudi-backed LIV Golf, which has potentially changed the face of topflight pro golf, at least as long as the Saudis will continue to back it. LIV Golf has joined a lawsuit by former PGA Tour players alleging anti-trust violations by the Tour, and the Tour has countersued claiming there is no justification. These are legal tussles that will last many months, if not years. …
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