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Golf Course Cigar Holders

The time? Last autumn. The place? My local muni, a golf tract where I've spent many a morning and afternoon whacking balls into the woods instead of onto fairways. The situation? My selfish golfing partner has sped off in the cart again, which means the freshly lit puro I rested on the bumper has joined my Titleist and gone missing in the long grass. I can handle losing (another) ball, but that was a great cigar!

Golf and cigars are a natural pair, but only the truly dexterous among us (Larry Laoretti, perfect example) can swing freely with a cigar clamped in our jaws. For most, the move results in a burned shoulder, smoke in the eyes or a snapped corona. But smoking a cigar that has rested on golf course grass, kept vibrant green with judicious amounts of chemicals and fertilizers, is an even worse idea.

There are better solutions than having your cart serve as an ashtray. SW Burke has created the intriguingly simple Heater Holder, a three-inch-long metal rest that clips to one of the snaps on your golf bag that secures your rain hood. (It is shown in the photo attached to a bag made by Ogio.) It can be leveled as needed, providing a ready stand for your smoke, whether your bag is standing in a cart or leaning on a stand. A chain serves as a safety harness should the snap fail.

The Cigar Tee, a three-foot-long spike made of anodized aluminum, is equally simple but makes more of a statement. Remove the spike from your bag, slam it into the ground, rest your cigar on the built-in cigar holder and take your shot. Just remember to retrieve it after you've hit that green in regulation.

The Cigar Tee's makers boast that it is durable enough to handle temperatures as high as 900 degrees. We're not sure if that is needed on the typical golf course, but the spiked bottom could come in handy to temper the lead foot of certain cart mates. No more lost cigars!

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Photo by Bill Milne