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Going on Tour

Back in my college days I was the lead singer in a rock band. My hair was a lot longer, I was a lot thinner, and I certainly was a lot braver because I howled my brains out in front of packed houses all the time. (OK, the houses weren’t really packed, but let’s say I sang in front of dozens of people here and there. You get the point.) We won the Battle of the Bands, but we never made it to the big time and never had a tour.

In two weeks I’m going to live the dream and go on tour—only this time it’s a cigar tour rather than a rock tour. The Cigar Rights of America is drumming up support for cigar smokers’ rights, and to get the organization started some of the most familiar faces in the cigar world are heading on the road for a series of smoker nights. And I’m going with them.

Carlos Fuente Sr. and Jr., Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, Avo Uvezian, Jorge Padrón, Rocky Patel, Litto Gomez, Robert Levin, Tim Ozgener, Manuel Quesada, Charlie Toraño, Jose Oliva, Jonathan Drew, Pete Johnson, Keith Park, Nick Perdomo, Christian Eiroa, Eric Newman, Peter Banninger and Paolo Garzaroli have signed up for the tour. It starts on August 19 in New York City, then on August 20 the team splits up, with half the group (including myself) going to Milwaukee, the other half going to Minneapolis. We’ll all be in Chicago on August 21, split into two groups for a pair of events, and then we’ll fly en masse to Orlando on the 22nd for the final stop on the tour.

Each stop will have plenty of great smokes and a place where you can actually smoke them. Some of the tour events include dinner and all have music. Visit the CRA website for detailed information.

If you can, you really should try to make it to one (or some) of these smoker nights. Not only will you get a chance to meet some of the best cigarmakers in the world, you’ll be supporting the right to enjoy your cigars in the future. Attending any event funds the CRA and gives you membership in the fledgling organization.

So meet me on one of the tour stops and say hello. We’ll smoke a cigar together—and we’ll do it for a great cause.

"Thanks David! I look foward to reading the blogs..." —August 9, 2008 11:48 AM
"Christian, glad to hear that you'll be there. Say hello when you see me." —August 9, 2008 10:32 AM
"Yes, the New York event is the most expensive. That's for a few reasons, I think. No. 1, it's Manhattan, so anything is more pricey than most other cities. Also, there seems to be a full dinner for that one and an open bar. Some of the other events are cash bars and/or apps rather than a full dinner. Too bad you can't make it, Pete, but I'm glad to hear that you've joined the CRA. We need every cigar smoker we can get. Of course, I'll be blogging from each stop, so if you can't make it, follow the events here online." —August 9, 2008 10:32 AM
"I'd love to go to the event, but the $300 price tag for the NY meeting is a bit steep for me to attend, especialy considering the prices of the other events. However, I am already a CRA member and hope the event is a successful one." —August 8, 2008 23:55 PM
"Dave, I will see you first stop in NY at the Hudson Terrace. Big fan of your blog and looking forward to meeting up! " —August 9, 2008 00:20 AM
"I'd love to go, but the $300 price is a bit steep right now, especialy considering the price listed for the other cities. I hope it is a success though as I am already a member of CRA." —August 9, 2008 00:08 AM