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When you're wheeling and dealing in the global stock market, timing is everything. Doesn't it make sense, then, that your wristwatch should give you an edge? While Girard-Perregaux's limited-edition won't provide inside info on when to buy or sell, it will tell you the hour in every world time zone and indicate when stock markets in New York, London, Hong Kong and Toyko are open for trading. Combine that with your already acute business acumen and the advantage is yours.

Also known as the World Wide Time Control and geared toward international businessmen and Wall Street whizzes, the is the first chronograph watch of its kind. Yes, there are watches that purport to be what every suit needs on his wrist, but the takes it to a new level. The face is brimming with activity, and though it takes a few moments to suss out what's what, once you do, the will have you ready to trade.

The main feature of the is two rotating discs around the center dial (which has standard hour, minute and second hands and three sub-dials that function as a stopwatch). The outer dial features the name of 24 cities—one in every time zone of the world. The city you choose to be your "home" time is set to the 12 o'clock position and coincides with the time displayed by the center dial. The 24-hour ring, with night and day sections, works in synchronization and rotates counterclockwise with the time you set the center dial to.

Beyond keeping world time, the lets you know if a stock market you care to trade on is open for business. The business hours of each bourse are indicated by the red and blue arcs on the outer ring of the watch. When the red triangle on the 24-hour dial matches up with one of these arcs, that particular market is open for trades.

The is available in stainless steel ($12,000) or pink gold ($22,500), with either a silver or anthracite face.