General Slashes Prices on Macanudo 1968

General Cigar Co. has slashed the price of Macanudo 1968, a fuller-bodied version of the Macanudo cigar brands. The price cut, the company said, is currently being made available only at brick-and-mortar retailers in the United States.

The cuts are dramatic, with savings of as much as $3 per cigar. The Macanudo 1968 Churchill (7 inches long by 49 ring gauge) has been cut by $2.31, to $7.69 per cigar (the old single-stick price was $10.) The Macanudo 1968 Toro (6 by 54) has dropped by $2.01, and is now priced at $7.49. The Robusto (5 by 50) has been cut by the same amount and now sells for $6.49 per cigar, and the largest cut went to the 6 by 60 Macanudo 1968 Gigante, which dropped by $3.01 per cigar and now retails for $7.99, down from $11.

"We recognize that Macanudo 1968 is a strong product with tremendous potential and decided to revise the pricing structure to make the brand accessible to a broader range of cigar enthusiasts," said Bill Chilian, director of marketing for General Cigar.

This story originally appeared in the May 24 issue of Cigar Insider.

"This is probably due to low sales figures. Mac smokers know what they like, and I feel that a fuller-bodied and flavored smoke is not it. " —June 20, 2011 22:51 PM