General Shipping Most Expensive Cohiba To Date

General Shipping Most Expensive Cohiba To Date

If you‘re curious about what General Cigar’s most expensive Cohiba tastes like, you can find out this week, as the Cohiba Spectre is shipping on Wednesday. Introduced at last summer’s IPCPR trade show, the Spectre has a suggested retail price of $90 per cigar. 

The smoke is made with eight types of tobacco from five countries, and many of the leaves are aged in barrels—some for a very long time.

The Ecuadoran Sumatra wrappers were culled from high primings (the upper section of tobacco plant), and the core of the filler blend is Dominican Piloto Cubano aged in tercios

Cohiba Spectre

General has considerable stocks of aged tobacco, and says those Piloto Cubano leaves are from the 1995 crop, making them 23 years old. The Nicaraguan tobacco was grown in Estelí and aged in Spanish Sherry barrels, while the Spectre’s Honduran leaves are from various regions and various vintages (San Agustín, Jamastran and La Entrada). 

Cohiba Spectre comes in one size—7 1/4 inches by 54 ring gauge—and is packed in eye-catching, silver-and-red circular boxes, each holding 10 cigars. All of the cigars are made in the Dominican Republic by one team, cigar roller Xirolma Céspedes and buncher Ruben Dario Perez, who have been making cigars for decades. 

The entire production run is 180 boxes, or 1,800 cigars, although General said that a few more boxes were produced to accommodate retailers after the initial run sold out at the IPCPR. Boxes retail for $900.