Gear for the Great Outdoors

Gear for the Great Outdoors
Photo/Jeff Harris

It's summertime—that means barbecues, the beach and boating. You've got your sunglasses on and your favorite cigars in hand, but you're unsure which cigar accessories to take with you. Pocket space is limited, and some of your finer, more delicate tools are poorly suited for the outdoors. Others are just too heavy or cumbersome to carry around.

Happily, cigar gear engineered for on-the-go performance won't weigh you down while you're enjoying the weather. For transporting cigars, consider the GRAMM Works Travel Humidor (top left, $80). Made with sturdy, aircraft-grade aluminum and sporting a built-in hygrometer cap and lower-level humidification cap, this travel piece can carry four to five Churchill-sized cigars at constant humidity, thanks to the Boveda pack in the bottom of the cylinder. If you're going anywhere near the water, try the Vanderburgh One Travel Cylinder (middle right, $123). It functions as an airtight and waterproof single-cigar capsule.

S.T. Dupont takes outdoor conditions seriously, and its Défi Extreme torch lighter (center, $280) is designed to perform at high altitudes and under severe temperatures. Its jet-blue flame is powerful enough to withstand winds of up to 25 mph—so a summer breeze is little challenge. It might be a good idea to also bring along the Xikar Tech Quad Flame Lighter (middle left, $74.99), with its four jet flames and oversized fuel tank, making it a handy accessory for longer trips or full-day events.

In a cigar cutter, you'll want something small and lightweight that can fit on your keychain, like the Colibri Monza Punch Cutter (bottom left, $39), with its 9-mm double-honed twist retractable blade, or the Xikar MTX Multi Tool (bottom right, $54.99) a pair of stainless-steel folding cigar scissors that come equipped with two screwdrivers, a cigar poker and a bottle opener. The screwdrivers can adjust the flame of your lighter, and the bottle opener keeps the drinks flowing.

Every courteous boat captain and barbeque guest wants to avoid a mess by keeping his ash and cigar ends out of sight. The Xikar Leather Wrapped Executive Ashtray Can (top right, $27.99) is a lightweight solution that fits into most cup holders, and does an exceptional job of containing ashes and odors.

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