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Fuente Fuente OpusX Limited Edition Collection

The new Fuente Fuente OpusX Limited Edition lighter from S.T. Dupont has a very classic design. When thinking S.T. Dupont limited-edition lighters and Fuente Fuente OpusX cigars, most collectors and cigar aficionados don't use the word "minimalist." However, when the two come together in this collection, the result is in black and grays.

The Table lighter, for instance, is in and of itself not a demure piece, but the black Chinese lacquer on the face and the silvery palladium trim are subdued in comparison to the red and gold colors of the OpusX band and the designs seen in previous limited-edition collections, such as the OpusX line in red and gold, the Andy Warhol line featuring multicolored renderings of the artist's prints, and the Pharaoh set boasting all the ostentation of the accoutrements buried with Tutankhamen. The pieces are emblazoned with a gray and silver OpusX logo and the signature of the OpusX creator, Carlos Fuente Jr.

The OpusX line is very limited in number. The Jeroboam table lighter, for instance, has only 50 pieces for sale and retails for $3,200. Also in the set are 650 Line 2-size lighters (pocket-sized) retailing for $1,090 a piece, an ashtray (300 made) for $495, an Orpheo Roller Ball pen (250) for $650 and a cigar cutter (150), an item which is not seen in a lot of the other collections, for $430. All the pieces follow the black and palladium scheme.

For more information or for an authorized S.T. Dupont retailer, call 1-800-341-7003.