First Look—Oliva V Melanio Limited Humidor

First Look—Oliva V Melanio Limited Humidor

Earlier this year, Oliva Cigar Co. announced it would be releasing a special humidor to commemorate their Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado being named Cigar Aficionado's 2014 Cigar of the Year, and now more details have been announced.

Constructed from mahogany, the limited-edition humidor is lined with Spanish cedar on the inside and will be humidified by two humidification units underneath the lid. On the outside, the feet and handle are both brass-plated, adding a touch of class. Additionally, the Oliva logo appears atop the humidor, along with the words "Serie V Melanio," and "Gran Reserva Limitada 2015."

According to Jose. R. Oliva, president of Oliva Cigars, the construction of the humidor was outsourced to another company.

The inside of the special humidor will not be empty, though, but rather filled with Oliva Serie V Melanio cigars in various sizes, not just the Figurado. Inside will be 20 Torpedos (88 points, Cigar Aficionado), 20 Robustos (90 points, Cigar Aficionado) and 20 Figurados, the reigning Cigar of the Year, which scored 96 points.

Only 1,000 of the humidors will be released to the public for sale, and each one will be individually numbered.

Oliva Cigars plans to unveil the humidor at this weekend's IPCPR trade show, and they are expected to retail for $900.

"How many cigars can it hold? 60 gars compared to capacity seems small. " —July 19, 2015 01:18 AM
"Agreed, they are a great smoke. However fir 900 the hardware really should be solid, not plated brass. Brass is dirt cheap. " —July 18, 2015 16:44 PM
"Oliva cigars are the most peaceful relaxing smoke, its notes are subtle and a very reliable burn. thank you for a great smoke. tommrow is my birthday and not sure which stick to go with" —July 16, 2015 18:26 PM