Fire Claims Camacho Warehouse

A fire destroyed one of Camacho’s tobacco warehouses in Danlí, Honduras this week, burning or rendering useless many bales of Connecticut-seed wrappers from Ecuador. The wrappers are used by Camacho to make La Fontana, Baccarat, Camacho Connecticut and El LegendArio Connecticut (pictured), among others. No one was hurt in the blaze.

The fire broke out on Monday morning, around 11:30. Christian Eiroa, president of Camacho, said the cause of the blaze was still unclear, but he thought it happened as a result of burning garbage. “It looks like one of the neighbors was burning their trash, and something went in our ceiling, on the roof, and that’s what caused the fire,” said Eiroa.

Camacho has several tobacco warehouses—about five in Danlí, said Eiroa. “We spread the risk in case of things like this,” he said. He didn’t know how many bales in total were lost, but nothing from the warehouse can be used, even if it wasn’t burned, due to tobacco absorbing the odors from smoke.

The component, Connecticut-seed wrapper, is the most expensive used by Camacho. Eiroa said he has been in touch with David Perez of ASP Enterprises Inc., which grew the wrapper in Ecuador, as well as with his partner company Davidoff, run by Hendrik “Henke” Kelner. Both are arranging to ship tobacco as needed, and production will continue as before.

“We won’t have an interruption,” said Eiroa. “We accumulate a lot of Connecticut wrappers. It’s just a hassle, we have to rebuild this warehouse.”

Fire is a common threat in the cigar industry, as aging tobacco burns very easily. Many cigar companies have lost warehouses, bales of tobacco and even cigar factories in fires in the past.

"Oh the humanity!" —December 27, 2010 10:37 AM