Find The Perfect Smoke With La Aurora’s Cigar Quiz and Samplers

Jul 13, 2022 | Sponsored
Find The Perfect Smoke With La Aurora’s Cigar Quiz and Samplers

From your first sip of morning coffee to your last cocktail at the soirée — different occasions call for different cigars. La Aurora, the oldest cigarmaker in the Dominican Republic, has created an online quiz and curated cigar sampler packs to ensure you always have the right smoke for the event.

Ideal for both novices and cigar pros, the multiple-choice quiz is short, simple and designed to streamline the cigar selection process. It’s backed by La Aurora’s more than 100 years of cigarmaking knowledge and the expert recommendations of the company’s master blender.

The five-question quiz steers cigar fans to their ideal smokes, based on choices about preferred cigar intensity, desired tasting notes, favorite drink pairings and reasons for lighting up (special occasions, leisurely activities, etc.). Responses are analyzed instantaneously, with customized suggestions displayed in detail for each connoisseur, meaning quiz takers spend less time stressing about smoking decisions and more time puffing on a great cigar.

If cigar fans still can’t decide what to savor after taking the quiz, they can also try one of La Aurora’s sampler packs to experience a variety of cigars the company offers. Each sampler pack provides thoughtful selections from La Aurora’s brand portfolio, organized into different themes.

The Preferidos Treasure Box Sampler showcases the company’s high-end figurados. Packaged in colorful tubos and named after precious gems, each Preferido comes in a classic perfecto shape, a size originally rolled by the company when it first started making cigars in 1903. Preferidos are made with different tobaccos from around the globe, so each blend offers distinct tasting notes and aromas. The Preferidos Platinum Perfecto is one particularly satisfying smoke included in the sampler: rolled with a Cameroon wrapper, the cigar scored 90 points in a recent issue of Cigar Insider, the sister publication to Cigar Aficionado.

Other standout variety packs include the Best Sellers Sampler, composed of La Aurora’s most popular smokes, and the Pairings Sampler, a lineup of cigars specially selected for drink pairings like coffee, cold beer, rum and wine. 

Whether you plan to take La Aurora's cigar quiz to get personalized recommendations or dive into one of the company’s top-tier sampler packs, the nearly 120-year-old company has something for every kind of smoker, from the novice to the aficionado.

Find your new favorite cigar here.

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