Cigar Aficionado

File Drawer Humidor

Smoking at work has become like a cloak-and-dagger game. A back alley here, a stairwell there, today's aficionado is as adept in his evasion techniques as a Cold War secret agent.

To help you complete your mission, you need the proper equipment. The File Drawer Humidor from Altadis U.S.A. is a covert option for cigar storage in the workplace. This compact compartment will fit snuggly in your desk file drawers. The box is constructed with a dark wood exterior, and lined with Spanish cedar. The spine of the box is leather-bound so at a glance it would appear to be merely a book to the unsuspecting eye.

Brass tabs on the side of the box are adjustable to fit into the standard size filing drawer. This enables the box to hang like the file folders in an orderly fashion that is easily accessible. The magnetic seal helps the double-sided humidor stay closed as you pretend to shuffle paper and pull the traditional manila folders while secretly pulling out a cigar. The box can fit about 10 cigars, up to eight inches long. The humidification unit and the hygrometer are sold separately.

As for the cloud of smoke in your office and the ashes on you floor, you're on your own for now until we find some more clandestine devices. Good luck.

The File Drawer Humidor retails for $149 and is in limited supply at fine tobacconists.