Fallon Cases
Photo/Jeff Harris

Like shoes and belts, many cigar accessories have traditionally been offered in two basic colors—brown and black. While this dichromatic existence has suited most cigar enthusiasts, Patrick Fallon sought to broaden the spectrum by creating an iridescent portfolio of responsibly sourced leather products that blossom brilliantly with color, character and intensity.

Consider the Blue Night patina that is found on the Nixes Smoothed Ostrich Leg case (pictured lower left, $1,045). Its cerulean finish is skillfully applied to highlight the textures and patterns of the leather in vivid Technicolor, while creating a striking effect of light and dark blues within the natural grain. Louder, more saturated colors like the company’s signature shade of Fallon Orange burn brightly on the Eole Buffalo single cigar case (top left, $385), which comes in 30 lush hues ranging from Hydrangea and Cyclamen to Caribbean Blue or Lotus.

Cuban pride is rendered in the form of the country’s national flag, whose colorful leather-on-leather composition gleams on the white ribs of the Nixes Cuba case (second from right, $1,762). Fancy yourself the rebellious type? Make a more controversial statement with Fallon’s Vamos Bien Revolución Es (center left, $818), which was inspired by a propaganda poster supporting the Cuban Revolution. A note to sympathizers and revolutionaries: don’t flaunt this case in Miami.

The checkerboard pattern of the two-finger Aura Draughtboard (far right, $1,350) may be less political, but it’s the most complex case in terms of its construction. Rather than simply stamping the design into the hide, Fallon hand-weaves separate strips of yellow and black leather to form the tight, checkered arrangement. Four more color combinations are offered.

All of the Fallon cases are made by hand at the Falloncuir factory near Annecy, in France. A cigar-smoker himself, Fallon developed his leatherworking craft at the Hermés trunk shop before venturing out on his own to produce cases that are unique but at the same time functional and fashionable. “Since I couldn’t find the ideal cigar case,” Fallon says, “I created it.”

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" In all seriousness these are beautiful products -- and I appreciate that they're hand made -- however, those prices are absurd for a cigar case. But hey... If you have a couple grand laying around, don't need to save it, donate it, or have anything else to do with it, these are some really nice looking cases to blow it on!" —December 31, 2013 02:43 AM