Cigar Aficionado

Extra-large Humi-Pouch

You finally got down to Cuba for vacation and purchased your favorite box of cigars. Actually, you purchased 10 boxes of your favorite cigars. Now, you have a dilemma: how to transport them back home?

As if customs wasn't enough of a problem, there is the care of your smokes in transit. You obviously can't take along your cabinet humidor, so Humi-Pouch may have the answer for you with its new, extra-large humidified packaging, perfect for carrying a whole box of smokes while on the road.

Humi-Pouch is known for its smaller pouches, which can hold single sticks, but transporting boxes takes a bit more plastic. The Humi-Pouch is like a giant Zip-lock bag customized for the temporary care of cigars. Equipped with a maintenance-free humidification system (a pre-moistened pad that transfers moisture to the cigars). All Humi-Pouches promise 68 to 72 percent humidity and are reusable for up to 90 days. Each of the large bags can hold approximately two boxes of 25 cigars.

The Humi-Pouches come in three sizes. The suggested retail price is $2.75 for the smallest pouch, $3.35 for the medium and the big boy is $4.25. Available at better cigars stores nation wide.

Photos by Jean Schwarzwalver