Experimental Cabaiguan

Pete Johnson is best known for his Tatuaje cigar brand, but he also has smaller, lighter-flavored brand called Cabaiguan. Like Tatuajes, they are made in Miami, at El Rey de Los Habanos, the tiny factory owned and operated by Jose "Pepin" Garcia. Now the Johnson/Pepin duo is considering moving the brand to Nicaragua, and they are testing that option with a limited-edition Cabaiguan called Guapo, which should be on the market next week.

The Guapo -- Spanish for "handsome" -- is a fat cigar made with a pigtail. It measures 5 5/8 inches long by 54 ring gauge. "It's the biggest Cabaiguan we've done so far, and it's the darkest Cabaiguan we've done," says Johnson. The cigar, which will retail for $11, is a one-time production run of 50,000. "When it's done, it's done," said Johnson.

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