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Exclusive First Look—Davidoff Nicaragua

Davidoff has given Cigar Aficionado a sneak peek of the packaging for the upcoming Davidoff Nicaragua series. The brand won't debut until June 20th at the global launch party in New York City, and up to this point, Davidoff has been very secretive about any details concerning packaging or presentation.

The Robusto tubos shown here are the first Davidoff Nicaragua images made public.

The brand, whose information was first revealed here and in the April 9 Cigar Insider, is made solely from Nicaraguan tobacco (a Davidoff first) and is rolled in the Dominican Republic. Davidoff chose a black motif to reflect Davidoff Nicaragua's identity and unique position in the company's profile.

Note the three triangles, which represent the mountains and volcanoes of Nicaragua. According to Davidoff head of marketing Richard Krutick, the triangles also symbolize a three-part theme: "explore, adventure and discover."

"Smoking the short corona right now. Very delicious. I can easily see it getting a 95 rating." —September 23, 2013 22:06 PM