Eiroa Opening Miami Cigar Factory

There’s a new cigar factory coming to Miami, and it’s not on Calle Ocho, but in the artistic and colorful Wynwood arts warehouse district.

Next month, Christian Eiroa, the former president of Camacho Cigars and the head of CLE Cigar Co., will open Wynwood Cigar Factory, his newest venture. The operation will be rolling cigars on a small scale using rollers that were trained in Honduras.

“This has become my home office,” Eiroa told Cigar Aficionado. The factory, which Eiroa owns in partnership with Robert Caldwell, will be staffed with 10 rollers. Wynwood is a milder cigar that will sport a colorful band reminiscent of a rainbow.

The Wynwood district was developed by the late Tony Goldman, the famed builder who transformed SoHo in New York City and South Beach in Miami. Buildings in Wynwood are covered in artistic graffiti, which is encouraged by owners of the buildings, and the Wynwood Cigar Factory has a graffiti-message remembering the work of Goldman, who died in September.

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