Eight Great Cuban Cigars To Buy Now

Eight Great Cuban Cigars To Buy Now

Given the news of the removal of some restrictions that limited bringing Cuban cigars into the United States, we looked at our most recent cigar reviews to create this list of Cuban cigars that are smoking beautifully right now. Each of these cigars was rated by a panel of senior tasters from Cigar Aficionado magazine, and each smoke was rated blind, without the taster knowing price, brand, country of origin or any other detail about the cigar.

Bolivar Corona Gigante (93 points): Cuba's Bolivar brand is not for the faint of palate, as this smallish brand is known for some of Cuba's stronger cigars. The Corona Gigante is one of few Churchill-sized smokes still rolled in Cuba. See full tasting note.

Partagás Corona Gorda Añejados (91 points): When Cuba's cigar gurus looked at how connoisseurs age cigars, they figured why not do the aging for them? That's the idea behind the Añejado program, where cigars are rolled and left to age in the box before being released. The time certainly works on this Partagás, which is medium bodied and rich. See full tasting note.

Punch Punch (91 points): One of the longtime go-to sizes in the Cuban cigar world, the Punch Punch is true to its namesake, with a medium to full body and notes of leather and butterscotch. It's an old size, and one that has long been prized by cigar smokers in the know. See full tasting note.

Eight Great Cuban Cigars To Buy Now

H. Upmann Petit Corona (91 points): Living up to the big things come in small packages saying, this little H. Upmann, a mere 5 1/8 inches long by 42 ring gauge, is pleasantly sweet, with a medium body. Ideal for cigar smokers with only a half hour or so to spare for a fine cigar. See full tasting note.

Cohiba Siglo I (90 points): Another small smoke, and one with a considerably powerful character. The Siglo I is only 4-inches long, but packs a kick, brimming with notes of walnut and chocolate. See full tasting note.

Juan Lopez Selección No. 1 (90 points): The casual cigar smoker may have never heard of Juan Lopez, as it's one of Cuba's smaller cigar brands. The Selección No. 1, a medium- to full-bodied corona gorda, is often superb, having earned multiple scores of 90 points or more in our publications. See full tasting note.

Eight Great Cuban Cigars To Buy Now

Montecristo Petit No. 2 (90 points): One of Cuba's newer cigars is also one of its best. A shortened version of the superb and legendary Montecristo No. 2, this short figurado is medium bodied, bold and earthy, packing quite a bit of flavor into less than 5 inches of cigar. See full tasting note.

Partagás Salomon (90 points): If you have a long, long time to enjoy a cigar, this intricately shaped figurado is for you. Curvy and voluptuous, measuring more than 7-inches long, it's consistently rich and superb, never scoring lower than 90 points in our blind tastings. See full tasting note.

For even more ratings on Cuban cigars, see the October issue of Cigar Aficionado, featuring Ray Lewis, on newsstands everywhere.

"Clifford No, it remains legal to buy Cuban cigars over the Internet or via mail order for shipment to the US. Same for buying Cuban cigars in the US. Americans are now allowed to buy Cubans when traveling for personal consumption. See our stories in our Cuba channel for more information. " —March 25, 2017 10:06 AM
"Is it legal to purdhase Cuban cigars over the iternet from Cuba or thru other countries? If so, what are the links?" —March 25, 2017 00:05 AM
"And probably Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure series... " —October 27, 2016 03:55 AM
"Be careful about buying Cubans from Canada. Unless money is "no object". The Provincial governments in Canada place in import duty at cigar shops from 76% of MSRP in Ontario to 115% in Newfoundland. On top of that you will be paying 14% Federal/Provincial sales tax. So in the end you will pay more than double for a Cuban in Canada than one in Cuba, Grand Cayman or Cancun, Tijuana, or Mexico City." —October 26, 2016 16:14 PM
"10/18/16, What are the US$ equivalents? Even the British Pound (I think that's what it is) seems extravagant. It remains to be seen how strong the US market will be; just because they're Cuban products won't guarantee quality worth such prices." —October 17, 2016 23:56 PM
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"Certainly exciting news! Any suggested retailers in the Niagra area?" —October 17, 2016 14:41 PM
"Chris the easiest way for you to legally buy them is to drive or fly to Canada. " —October 17, 2016 13:56 PM
"Question is How do I buy them? Thanks! Chris Nissen" —October 17, 2016 13:00 PM