Economy And Terrorism Leading Concerns of Cigar Smokers

Donald Trump outpolls all other candidates in Cigar Aficionado survey
Feb 12, 2016
Economy And Terrorism Leading Concerns of Cigar Smokers

What's on the mind of cigar smoking voters? Cigar Aficionado reached out to its audience this month to get their thoughts about the upcoming presidential elections and asked them to reveal who they intend to vote for and to name the issues that are most important to them as they chose the next president of the United States of America. The Economy and Terrorism were at the top of the list.

More than 7,500 people answered the weeklong survey on, which ended on February 7.

Fifty percent of the audience said they intended to vote Republican, 17.7 percent said they were Independent, 17.2 percent said they intended to vote Democrat and the remaining 15.1 percent were undecided.

Among those who said they would vote Republican, Donald Trump took a commanding lead with 37.8 percent of the vote. In second place was Marco Rubio (22.9 percent), followed by Ted Cruz (21.5), John Kasich (3.1) and Jeb Bush (2.9). Poll

Among Democrats, Hillary Clinton edged Bernie Sanders by a 46.6 percent to 41.5 percent margin.

Trump garnered more votes than any other candidate, regardless of party.

Asked about which issues were most important for this election, voters leaned most emphatically toward the Economy, with 40.2 percent of voters saying it was the most important issue. Terrorism and ISIS ranked second (19.8 percent), followed by Government Regulations (12.3 percent), Immigration (9.7 percent), Health Care (6 percent), Taxes (4.9 percent), Civil Rights (3.5 percent), Unemployment (1.9 percent), and Military Spending (1.6 percent). Poll

The top issues were similar among the party affiliations, with Republican and Democrat voters alike ranking the Economy first and Terrorism and ISIS second. Republicans, however, ranked Government Regulations third, while Democrats chose Health Care.

Cigar Aficionado intends to repeat this poll throughout the election year, and compare the results each time.

"David and the gang merely put the poll out there for US to vote on. These dudes never seem to get a break no matter what they do. " —February 23, 2016 18:46 PM
"Way to go C.A.! I love this informal poll. Probably gives you better line of sight to your readership. Would be interesting to see how this aligns with a current national snapshot of America. My guess is, a tighter alignment with the American Heartland rather than mega-metro. But I'm no politico. Doc -- in Tulsa" —February 17, 2016 09:15 AM
"Eric, about your disagreeing with the poll---these are the views of the readers of Cigar Aficionado, not necessarily the editors of Cigar Aficionado. " —February 15, 2016 19:34 PM
"Thanks for the input--we intend to do this poll several times leading up to the November elections and we will add climate change as a choice of leading issues in our next one. Look for it the first week of March." —February 15, 2016 18:55 PM
"I could not disagree you guys more on the poll. I want to thank the publisher, the editors and everyone who works at Cigar Aficionado/Wine Spectator. I understand the complaints in an election year (and a wild one at that) of readers seeking escape from political saturation & polarization on all media fronts. However, you have to step back and look at how impressive it is that you have this Cigar poll that receives 7,500 responses from a subscription base & readership that represents a remarkably broad demographic--a slice of the U.S.A. that may just be one of the most accurate gauges of national voter sentiment available. I admit to being something of a political junky, oenophile & cigar lover...put my friends put more stake in this poll than almost any other because they really respect the perspective of the magazines readership. So, if you're fed up with politics--what's the big deal you don't have to read the article, right? We can agree to disagree but I was psyched to see this poll. Of course it helps when your horse wins! North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida for Trump 2016 the New American Revolution! Don't forget--this election has a direct impact and Trump supports DEREGULATION and elimination of "sin" taxes that allow states to fleece consumers of fine wine, cigars, etc. and getting rid of overregulation of our God-given right to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness (and our gun-owners sacred 2nd Amendment). Rock On! Year of the American Trump 2016. Spark a Vote & Make Our Nation Great Again! @realdonaldtrump @ericzelko " —February 15, 2016 18:42 PM
"Found it odd that climate change was not on the list of issues. Especially given how the cigar industry is directly impacted by changes in the climate. The craft beer industry understands this and has been very active. " —February 13, 2016 09:43 AM
"I know this is insignificant in the scheme of things but, if cigar smokers want the Cuban market opened up to U.S. you need to remember what party cried and bitched about just resuming diplomatic relations." —February 13, 2016 01:17 AM
"Phil Herda, thank God we live in America where we still can have these discussions. CA is not only about cigars, it's about lifestyle. Over 7,500 people did not have a myopic view when taking the survey. Please keep in mind that politics not only shapes our lives but also affects our lifestyle. If you don't think politics has anything to do with cigar smoking check out H. R.622 and S. 441 to see what the FDA has is store to prevent us from enjoying our passion. I applaud CA and its readers for conducting and participating in the survey." —February 13, 2016 01:04 AM
"I completely agree with Phil Herda. The politicization of cigar smoking? No thanks. I really do appreciate CA, but leave our simple pleasures out of the political cat fight." —February 12, 2016 23:01 PM
"“Economy And Terrorism Leading Concerns of Cigar Smokers” What on earth does one who smokes cigars have to do with anything when it comes to politics? Do cigar smokers somehow have different political opinions as to those who smoke a pipe, cigarettes or neither? Sorry, but there are a plethora of other sites dedicated to political discussions so how about we keep CA dedicated to cigars, and cigars ONLY. Just my 2 cents worth. ;) " —February 12, 2016 20:19 PM