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Economical Humidors Without Forfeiting Style

Looking for a humidor that will adequately store your smokes, but not looking to drop a G-note? Craftsman's Bench International recently released nine inexpensive humidors, most of which retail for less than $100. The company, which is a division of J.C. Newman Cigar Co., said strong sales over the last two years spurred the release of the humidors at this summer's Retail Tobacco Dealers of America trade show.

All Craftsman's Bench humidors feature Spanish cedar lining the interior, polished brass quadrant lid hinges, and a humidifier and analog hygrometer attached by Velcro to the inside of the lid.

Here's an alphabetical breakdown of the new humidor offerings:

The Buccaneer has a high-gloss gray smoke burl design, which looks like marble or water at a glance. Every border of the box has wood marquetry with smooth corners. It holds 70 cigars and retails for $79.95.

The Camelot is uniquely shaped, with six sides instead of the standard four (see the top humidor in the photo). It has a high-gloss coating and a marquetry border. Its orange-marble color resembles lava. The box features a clasp to keep the lid shut, such as what might be used to keep a travel humidor closed. It holds 65 cigars and costs $69.95.

The Champion is a simple-looking desktop humidor that may very well match the wood shade of your desk. It has a cherry finish and holds 65 cigars. It retails for $49.95.

The Heritage is a high-gloss humidor featuring a dark walnut finish. It has a scalloped shell marquetry along the borders, holds 75 cigars and retails for $69.95.

The Mountaineer is the biggest of the new Craftsman's Bench humidors, holding up to 90 cigars. This mahogany box is a dark shade of blood red, perhaps the same color as your leather office chair. It costs $64.95.

With an antique mahogany finish, the Napoleon has a aristocratic look of simple refinement. The base of the box and the top part of the lid extend out slightly further than the body of the box. It holds up to 85 cigars and has a price of $64.95. (See the middle humidor in the photo.)

The Remington is a glass-topped humidor with antique-style handles and a lock and key. It also has a removable cedar top tray as a second shelf for your smokes. The glass top reveals all the cigars that rest in the tray. The remainder of the exterior box is made of mahogany. It has a capacity of 85 cigars and a retail price of $114.95.

The Saddlebrook features light brown leather atop the lid combined with marquetry borders. It is made with bird's-eye maple. The edges of the humidor's corners are beveled. Like the Mountaineer, it has a maximum capacity of 90 cigars. The Saddlebrook (see the bottom humidor) costs $84.95.

The Santa Fe has a pale maple finish and diamond marquetry on the lid, while the sides are brown mahogany. The style of the box is distinctly Southwestern. It holds 85 cigars and retails for $74.95.

For more information on humidors from Craftsman's Bench International, call 800-477-1884 or visit

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