Cigar Aficionado

Dunhill Mother-of-Pearl Cutter

The Mother-of-Pearl cigar cutter, the newest addition to the circular cutter line of Dunhill accessories, looks rather staid at first glance.

No elaborate patterns or grains mark the face, and the cutter's tone is almost demure. It is round, portable and easy to carry around in your pants, but don't toss it on the counter for a morning newspaper. Constructed in brass, plated in silver, the elegant piece is made for the discerning smoker. Inlaid side panels of mother-of-pearl provide a luxurious, yet understated edging, which is classic Dunhill style. It's a bit much for the occasional smoker, but a prized possession for an aficionado.

The piece has a cutting diameter that suits up to a 52-ring gauge cigar. The blade is made of surgical steel and is ground and angled for precision. It is also removable which proves useful for sharpening as well as cleaning off any excess debris.

The Mother-of-Pearl cigar cutter comes with a leather case and retails for $470. Available at fine tobacconists nationwide.