Cigar Aficionado

Dunhill Cigar Rest

Even your cigars need to take a load off every now and again. Dunhill's Cigar Rest offers a place for a pampered smoke to kick back.

The rest is not exactly a necessary tool in the arsenal of accessories, but for the aficionado who has everything, the possession of such an extraneous implement could garner glances from envious and curious puffers, and thereby become essential -- that is, until the next newest thing arrives.

Crafted in England from solid brass and plated in nickel, the topside is carved to cradle any size ring gauge cigar and do it with some style. The cigar rest, however, does not offer a tray to catch ashes.

The minimalist design allows the cigar to recline in a secure posture instead of trying to wedge its plump body into the scrawny perforations made for cigarettes. Also, only measuring about a cubic inch, it is well suited for travel, fitting readily inside a pocket or bag.

The Cigar Rest retails for $125 and can be purchased at finer tobacconists.