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DryMistat Cigar Savor

If you want ease and reliability in your humidification device, gaze into the crystal tube.

The DryMistat humidification system, part of the line of Cigar Savor products from Altadis, utilizes little plastic polymer crystals, which the company claims will assure a 70 percent relative humidity over a one-year period. The translucent, gelatin chunks come packed in clear plastic tubes. The tube is roughly the size of a corona cigar and fits snuggly inside a fine humidor, wooden cigar box, portable cigar case or Tupperware or Ziploc bag.

Fill the tube up to the line with tap water, let stand a few minutes, snap on the perforated cap and insert the device into your storage compartment of choice. When the water hits the crystals, they swell and appear to trap the liquid. Microscopic holes allow water to escape to the outside air without spillage or leaks. The company recommends one DryMistat to every 25 cigars.

Available at fine retail tobacconists.

"I am a new smoker and have a 100 cigar humidor but am having trouble with humidification.I have a xicar digital meter and xicar crystals. Do you think I should try oasis elec humidification? do they work better or am I doing something wrong?" —October 31, 2010 10:46 AM