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Drive for Show

The driver is a golfer's most exciting club, and one that has changed dramatically over the past several decades
| By Jeff Williams | From The Godfather, March/April 2022
Drive for Show
No golfer relishes smacking monster drives more than Bryson DeChambeau, who led the tour in 2021 driving distance.
No club in a golf bag provides more excitement, more exhilaration, more exclamation points to a player’s game than the driver. It’s your own personal blunderbuss, your hammer of Thor, your bolt of lightning that you can wield against your Saturday foursome or during a weekday pickup game. It’s the ultimate extension of your golfing ego. After all, the driver is likely to be the club that you use right from the first tee, the club that magnifies your strength, maximizes your satisfaction. Sure, the putter ultimately determines your score, your wedges help save the day and any of the other clubs in your bag can provide a thrill now and then. But let’s face it, when …
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