Drago's Return
Dolph Lundgren is back, but this time the robotic Russian boxer from Rocky IV has dropped the cartoon villain act
Detective Jack Caine blasts through the door. He’s blond. He’s tall. As his right leg rises, his foot meets the face of the bad guy holding up the liquor store. The robber drops like a sack of potatoes if a sack of potatoes had just been roundhouse karate kicked by Dolph Lundgren, playing the rule-breaking vice cop in 1990’s,  I Come in Peace . “It looks perfect in the movie,” explains Lundgren, a former European karate champion who stands 6'5". “If you look at that kick, it totally looks like it hits, ’cuz it is a hit.” Lundgren says he slipped and the other actor wasn’t exactly where he was supposed to be. “Between him missing his mark and me slipping, I clocked …
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