Cigar Aficionado

Double Blade Cutter

A variation on the typical guillotine, the Double Blade cutter from Elie Bleu lends an air of minimalism and refinement through its rounded lines and simple design.

Crafted at the Elie Bleu factory in Paris, the Double Blade is a mere two pieces of tempered steel bonded flush. The blades slide back and forth smoothly, and the handles are curved like Romanesque arches. The cutter can be trimmed with mother-of-pearl or remain in all steel.

It is perhaps the lightest and thinnest cutter yet. When you hold it in your hand or carry it in your pocket you barely know it's there. This could be an adjustment for the hand accustomed to a heavier cutter.

This is the first guillotine cutter from Elie Blue, which also manufactures various cigar and luxury accessories as well as high-end humidors.

Available at the Elie Bleu boutique in Paris and finer tobacconists in the United States, the Double Cutter has a suggested retail price of about $88.

Photo by Miguel Nuñez