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DIV Pro Golf and Cigar Tool

There are myriad of tools and gadgets aiming to meld the worlds of cigars and golf (see our golf video for some of the best), and the new patent pending DIV Pro has joined the collection. While this gadget has many of the typical amenities available in other devices (divot tool, ball marker, club head cleaner, grip saver and, most important to us, cigar holder) the DIV Pro sets itself apart with one very unique extra: a can opener enabling one to shotgun a beer.

Why would you need such a thing? The DIV Pro comes with a suggested use. Hit a house? Shotgun a beer. Score 8 or more on a hole? Shotgun. Fail to drive it past the ladies' tees? You guessed it. Shotgun.

While we're loathe to support drinking in such fraternal fashion on the golf course (or anywhere, for that matter) there could be a market for such a game. Bachelor party, anyone?

The DIV Pro is solidly made, perhaps just a bit too solid: the four and one half inch long device is more than an inch thick. Add the twin spikes and it seems a bit dangerous to put in one's pocket. The manufacturer says a case that can clip onto a belt or golf bag is in the works.

The DIV Pro is in limited retail shops now, and will have a full rollout in September with a suggested retail price of about $11.99. For more information, visit