Devilish Danny
Photos/Peter Yang
Acerbic, devious and sometimes insane on-screen, Danny DeVito is compassionate and relaxed when the cameras aren’t rolling
Danny DeVito can visualize it perfectly, as though through a director’s viewfinder: A large tobacco field in Cuba. A carpet of green fills the frame, as viewed from overhead by that latest tool in the cinematographer’s bag of tricks, a drone camera. And in the middle of this emerald vision stands…Danny DeVito, a triumphant smile on his face, enjoying his favorite cigar, a Partagás Serie D No. 4. “Imagine that cover,” DeVito says of his imaginary shoot for this story. He adds with a conspiratorial smile, “We should have gone to Cuba for this interview.” It’s probably redundant to call DeVito’s smile conspiratorial. Subversive and devious have been his default …
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