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Del Frisco's Double Eagle, Las Vegas

"I miss my cigar smokers," Kim Owens, regional manager of Del Frisco's Double Eagle, said plaintively a couple of weeks ago in responding to why the steakhouse in Las Vegas was building a cigar patio. And by the response to the patio's opening on Friday, cigar smokers clearly missed the opportunity to have what Owens calls the "classic Del Frisco experience and then enjoy a cigar on the patio."

The "classic Del Frisco experience" might start with some Osetra caviar, but probably only if you are the guest of someone who orders it and is picking up the check. More than likely, you'll aim to experience the core offerings of Del Frisco's menu, the steaks. Some, like a good friend whom I know will closely read this article, like to start with what he calls a "birdbath-sized martini with blue cheese-stuffed olives." Then he would move on to "the salad with a pound of bacon on it," followed delicately by the Double Eagle porterhouse weighing in at a mere 1½ pounds, but, hey, the bone accounts for some of that.

Of course, all this or anything you order will be made all that much more classic by not having to search for a safe place to enjoy the cigar you have after dinner.

"It is absolutely fabulous," Owens said of the turnout so far for the patio. "When the weather was good, it's been full."

The patio is just outside of Del Frisco's front door and can hold up to 37. If you want to have dinner on the patio, you'll have to get one of the three tables for four. The rest is "cozy lounge seating," according to Owens, in a cocoa, gold and red color scheme.

This patio is Del Frisco's third, joining the ones in Houston, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina. The Vegas patio doesn't have heaters yet and there is a plan to look at cooling options. Owens is not too worried about the heat.

"Even in the summer, since we're open only for dinner, it's very tolerable in the evenings," Owens explained.

The restaurant is looking at holding some cigar events in the fall, including a cigar and scotch dinner. For the moment, assuming you can get a seat, you'll be able to order a drink and a cigar from a list that includes some of the greats.

There are four Fuente Fuente OpusX sizes on the list, ranging from $45 to $70 each. Two Padrón Serie 1926 smokes are available—the 40th Anniversary for $90 and the No. 2 for $35. Ashton, Graycliff and Rocky Patel are among the other brands represented.

More than three years after Las Vegas passed a smoking ban, there is now an oasis off The Strip in what's known as the "Steakhouse Triangle" (Morton's and Ruth's Chris are nearby). Get there early.

Del Frisco's Double Eagle
3925 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89169-4607
(702) 796-0063