De Niro’s Cigar Roles

De Niro’s Cigar Roles
Photo: Mary Evans/Amblin Entertainment/Cappa Films/Tribeca Productions/Ronald Grant/Everett
<i>Cape Fear</i> (1991)

Cigars have played a supporting role in many of Robert De Niro's most notable films. De Niro's arrogant, swaggering Al Capone brandished a long cigar in The Untouchables and his sinister Max Cady showed his utter contempt for law and order by firing up an ultra-fat robusto in a movie theater in the Scorsese remake of Cape Fear. Harry Tuttle, the quirky heating engineer De Niro brought to life in Brazil, chomped on a cigar while he worked, and Noodles the gangster enjoyed his version of the good life by smoking away in style in Once Upon a Time in America.

But the most memorable cigar scene of De Niro's long and storied career has to be the end of Raging Bull, where De Niro's Jake LaMotta puffs away heartily while fixing his tuxedo and preparing his Shakespearean lines for his debut on the stage.

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