Cigar Aficionado

Davidoff Humdor Masterpieces

Such a thing is a cigar. Rollers toil at their art to produce a masterpiece that is burned away and remembered only in the mind of an aficionado. Imagine Michelangelo erasing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel after completing it or Monet scratching the paint from his Water Lilies. Such is the fate of a cigar, but their lives can still be works of art to be appreciated before they are consumed and memorialized after they are gone.

Davidoff, an emblem of luxury and sophistication for 80 years, has released a humidor for the ages with the new line of Limited Edition Davidoff Marquetry Humidors. With only 40 created -- 10 with an Easter Island design, 30 with a cave painting design -- they are true works of art.

Handmade by artist J