Cigar Aficionado

Davidoff Cigar Knife

The Cigar Knife from Davidoff is not the pocketknife of your boyhood. With an elegant feel and appearance and a more refined set of functions, it is a tool suited more for an upscale, cigar-puffing gentleman.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Davidoff Knife is the punch cutter. The cutter extends from the knife like a blade, but the sharp edges are on the raised edges of three circles that are cut into the flat of the steel. Choose the size punch you wish to make in the cap, press the cigar against the circle and rotate the tool. It will slice a round incision to allow for a good draw.

Also folded inside the knife are a laser-cut blade, file, and miniature pair of straight scissors. All the implements are made of rustproof, stainless steel and crafted in Switzerland by Victorinox, maker of fine Swiss cutlery since 1884.

Each knife has a slender, lightweight brass build available in gold-plated, palladium-plated and lacquer finishes with a scripted Davidoff insignia on the face. At about three inches long and less than an inch wide, it is very compact and comes with a black lambskin carrying case.

Presented in the signature Davidoff green, white and gold case, the Davidoff Cigar Knife retails for $320 and is available at select Davidoff dealers.