Davidoff Cabinet Humidor

Swiss company Davidoff of Geneva has introduced a Cabinet Humidor that targets both commercial enterprises and the private collector. When Davidoff first introduced its Cabinet Humidor line, the series was intended as a commercial fixture for bars, restaurants and cigar stores. However, the humidor's popularity with consumers led the company to release an upgraded, streamlined model that retails for $3,900.

"Davidoff created a new model to freshen up the line," said David Kitchens, general manager of the Davidoff of Geneva store on Madison Avenue in New York City. "It's the newest model in 10 years and is a standard product available at all Davidoff shops and appointed merchants."

According to Kitchens, most of the people who buy the unit are serious collectors who also have walk-in wine cellars. For commercial outfits, the humidor accommodates resort areas, seasonal locations and cigar shops that want to sell and display cigars, but do not want to invest in large customized, built-in systems.

Designed by Rene Hollenstein, who is head of Davidoff Creation, the humidor stands 65 inches high and measures 22 inches across by 16 inches deep. Its veneered exterior and brushed metal surfaces frame a clear Plexiglas door that displays all of the humidor's contents. The unit holds anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 cigars depending on their sizes, and is humidified by an active Honeywell system.

Although the humidor is not temperature-regulated, it does have a circulation fan and wood interior for better humidification. It rolls on casters and is replete with five sliding shelves and adjustable plastic dividers that allow convenient displaying of cigar packs as well as the functional storage of boxes and loose sticks.

The Cabinet Humidor plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet and comes fully assembled.