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Dalmore Tapped for Cigars

Straight From The Barrel:
The Dalmore Tapped as Best Malt for Cigars
The Dalmore Cigar Malt does what it's intended to, according to judges at the Habanos Cigar Festival in Cuba.

The single-malt Scotch, which was created expressly to pair with a smoke, was voted the best whisky accompaniment to a Cuban cigar by 27 panelists sampling 488 malt and blended Scotch whiskies. "This is a great honor for us," said master blender Richard Paterson. "It took us sometime to develop the whisky so that not only did it enhance a cigar, sweetening its flavor and reducing its bite, but also enriching the flavor of the whisky itself."

The Cigar Malt differs from other whiskies from The Dalmore in its preponderance of sherry-wood aging. Sixty percent of the malts used to make it have been aged in casks previously used for Oloroso sherry. The rest has been aged in used Bourbon barrels. Other bottlings of The Dalmore have a Bourbon-to-sherry ratio of 85/15.

Paterson has said that the sherry casks lend the whisky sweetness and viscosity, which he believes are necessary to stand up to any bitterness in a cigar. The Dalmore is considered a digestif whisky in general, and this malt was specifically created for postprandial smoking.

The Habanos festival is a joint production of Habanos S.A., which markets Cuban cigars to the world, and Whisky Magazine, of the United Kingdom. In addition to the award at the festival, The Dalmore Cigar Malt has been honored in the past with silver medals from both the International Spirits Challenge and the International Wine & Spirits Competition.

The Dalmore is owned by Kyndal Spirits and imported to the United States by Jim Beam Brands.



APPEARANCE: Dark amber to orangish mahogany. Rich, thick legs.

NOSE: Yeast and peat are the first blasts before orange, sherry and floral notes take over.

MOUTH: All sweetness. As the peat falls away, comes honey, more citrus fruit and nuts.

FINISH: The nuts turn to almond as a wisp of smoke returns.

CIGAR PAIRING: Medium to full body.

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