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D' Aprile Stone Humidor

In the market for an elegant and unique humidor that is sure start a conversation wherever it's displayed? Cast your eye on a stone humidor from D'Aprile Humidors.

A Texas-based company founded in January, D'Aprile Humidors claims to be the first and only company to construct humidors made of stone.

"We have two preliminary patents in the works" on the products and building process, said co-owner David D'Aprile.

Whether it uses granite, onyx or marble, the company constructs each of its stone humidors literally from the ground up, using only choice stone. There is no prefabricated stone in these humidors, and each is produced in the United States.

The process starts with the customer, who either selects one of the models from the company's Web site,, or requests a customized piece.

A master mason in San Diego then cuts the stone and sends it on to a master carpenter, who lines the stone with either mahogany or cedar.

"We don't have masons messing with wood," said D'Aprile.

The company also will mix and match stone, if desired, and can etch or engrave a message, symbol, or other mark into the humidor.

For the finishing touch, a German-made Adorini hair hygrometer is affixed to each piece.

D'Aprile stone humidors range in price from $1,800 for a 15-count humidor, to $12,000 for a 300-count cabinet. Price is also subject to the amount of customization.

Cigar Aficionado has not tested the humidors in action, so we cannot vouch for their performance, but their unique style is undeniable.