Cigar Aficionado

Cutter Commitment

A plastic guillotine cutter is a staple in any cigar smoker's bag of tricks -- unfortunately they are not always long lasting. The Savinelli Deluxe Briar Cutter hopes for a little more commitment with a guillotine made from briarwood.

With a solid wood construction, a marbled finish and a sleek, sturdy feel, this cutter won't be thrown away after a week. The steel blades lock snugly together after a snip with action that starts off slow but promises to loosen up over time. The sloped rubber lining around the hole lets debris slide off, keeping it out of the grooves and preventing clogging. In attempting to provide durability, the wooden body does make the tool a bit clunky. However, it is lighter than a metal cutter of equal size.

The Briar Deluxe Cutter is available in Bordeaux, Natural and Walnut varieties and retails for about $130. Available at fine tobacco shops.