Custom Ash Quattro Ashtray

Custom Ash Quattro Ashtray

For the most part, a cigar ashtray is not a customizable product. Sure, many companies afford cigar smokers the option to pay extra to have a logo of some kind engraved on the ashtray, but that’s about all. A company called Custom Ash wants to change this.

Located in Oakville, Ontario in Canada, Custom Ash is actually a division of DJH Designs, a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of high precision fixtures and equipment, in particular coil coating. The company’s background means all of the ashtrays from Custom Ash are manufactured in-house and can be altered to meet the customer’s wishes.

One such product is the Custom Ash Quattro, which sells for $80 and comes in black and silver. Like all of the ashtrays from Custom Ash, the Quattro is machined out of a billet of aircraft grade aluminum rather than being casted, meaning it’s nearly indestructible. Attached to the bottom of the base are four rubber feet that do a nice job of keeping the Quattro in place on a surface, be it wood or glass.

But where does one rest his cigar? This is where the customization part comes in, as it’s really up to the customer. A buyer can opt to have Custom Ash drill out traditional, trough-style holders in the Quattro’s rim or affix separate aluminum stirrups to the ashtray (see photo). Interestingly, these stirrups can be raised to different levels so as to combat the common problem of long cigars bumping into each other when rested.

According to Matt Henderson, division manager of DJH Designs and the brains behind Custom Ash, the company can usually turn around a customer’s requests within a week. Additionally, Custom Ash can engrave a logo into the Quattro if desired, in any color. Engraving, Henderson says, adds another week to the process.

You can order the Quattro directly from the company at

"I have been on the website and have seen some pretty basic designed ashtrays. Their claim to be different lies in the ability to hang 4 cigars at different heights as to not bump into each other. When you see their personal designed ashtrays, they are nice and state that they are pretty much indestructible. I have more ashtrays than I need but I think that I will look into a "personal" one for me and my cigar buddies." —February 12, 2013 09:18 AM