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Cusano Takes on Heaven, Red Lion Cigars

DomRey Cigar Inc., the Davidoff subsidiary that owns the Cusano and Cuvée cigar brands, will assume U.S. distribution of Heavenly Cigar Co. beginning on December 1.

Ninety percent of the Heavenly cigar portfolio is flavored, said DomRey president Joe Chiusano in an interview, but the company also makes a non-flavored smoked called Red Lion, which is made in Nicaragua and was one of the earliest premium cigars to come in ultra-fat sizes. Heavenly is known at cigar trade shows for its spokesmodels, who don angel wings.

Chiusano said Heavenly's owner, president and chief executive Heather L. Phillips would remain the company's point person. Phillips founded the company in 1996. "She was looking for a more effective distributor in the United States," said Chiusano. "We started talking a couple of years ago." Heavenly will continue to distribute its own products internationally.

Heavenly is based in Naples, Florida, not far from DomRey's new headquarters in Pinellas Park, Florida.

Chiusano said Heavenly's cigars have been reblended and renamed. Heaven Vanilla, for example, will now be sold as Heaven Blue Taboo.

In addition to its Cuvée, and Cusano brands, DomRey also handles U.S. distribution for Panter and Mehari's brand from Royal Agio Cigar.