Curivari Collections Include Extensive Assortments

Curivari Collections Include Extensive Assortments
Photo/Andrew Nagy

Curivari introduced over a dozen new cigars at last year’s IPCPR trade show. Between the many line extensions and plethora of completely new Curivari brands, it would be understandable if the consumer was a bit overwhelmed. 

This year, brand owner Andreas Throuvalis put together two sampler packs of his 2017 cigars, making it much easier for smokers to navigate his brand portfolio—much of which is inspired by Greek ethos, mythology and ancient philosophers. 

Coleccion No. 1 is a sampler box of eight robustos, each from a different brand: Archimedes, Pythagoras, Socrates, Aristoteles, La Democracia, Onassis, Centauro and Ciclope. It retails for $60.

Coleccion No. 2 contains eight different varieties of Curivari branded robustos: Curivari Epitome, Virtudes, Gran Reserva, Grand Cru, Anniversario 1997, Vintage, Sun Grown and Sun Grown Maduro. This one retails for $77.

Most of the cigars in the sampler packs are Nicaraguan puros made in Nicaragua at the Tabacalera de Nicaragua factory. Both collections are presented in classic, Cuban-style boxes—simple and Spartan—each cigar a chapter in the two-part odyssey that is Curivari.