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Cullman Signature Cigar Makes NYC Debut

Oct 15, 2007 | By Gregory Mottola
Cullman Signature Cigar Makes NYC Debut

Edgar M. Cullman, the former chairman and owner of General Cigar Co., sold his cigar company in 2005, but that hasn't kept him out of the cigar business.

He has created a small brand called Cullman Signature, which premiered at a release dinner in New York City hosted by Davidoff of Geneva at the Madison Avenue shop on September 25. A small group of New York cigar lovers were invited to spend the evening with Edgar Cullman, getting the opportunity to sample his cigar.

"I've been in the tobacco business all my life," said Cullman, 89, "and I never regretted anything I was doing. I really love tobacco."

Cullman started in the business after the Second World War, joining Cullman Brothers Inc., the family's tobacco farm in Hartford, Connecticut. By 1961, after many successful ventures in the cigar and investment banking industries, Cullman bought General Cigar Co., which at the time primarily produced machine-made cigars. Cullman eventually launched the Macanudo brand, in 1971, before buying the U.S. rights to the Partagas trademark shortly after. The two brands have been significant pillars of the company ever since. In 2000, Swedish Match AB acquired 64 percent of General Cigar and acquired the remainder of the company in 2005.

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