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Cuban Cigar Prices Soar

Cuban cigars—particularly Cohibas and Trinidads—are suddenly more expensive, with some prices approaching $100 or more
| By Gregory Mottola | From A Tale Of Two Families, September/October 2022
Cuban Cigar Prices Soar
Bombshell news doesn’t often drop on the world of premium cigars, but when Habanos S.A. announced a major price hike this spring the worldwide network of Cuban cigar smokers, retailers and distributors was truly shaken. Many had heard rumors and hoped that they were nothing more than exaggerations, but now it’s official, and Cuban cigar prices are higher worldwide, particularly on the Cohiba and Trinidad brands. In many markets, there was an instant doubling of prices for both brands. In some cases, prices have more than tripled. Habanos cited supply and demand as one of the reasons for such an unprecedented increase, but the primary message was clear: Cohiba and …
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