Cuba’s Newest Brand: Romeo Línea de Oro

Habanos has created a super-premium version of Romeo y Julieta
| By Gregory Mottola | From Gambling Guide, May/June 2022
Cuba’s Newest Brand: Romeo Línea de Oro
Cuba has a brand new Romeo. A preview version of the Romeo y Julieta Línea de Oro series was passed out to guests at the 2020 Habanos Festival in Havana. It was the festival’s final night, and all who attended the formal gala got the first sneak preview of these cigars. Anyone who’s remotely familiar with Cuban cigar distributor Habanos S.A. knows that most products shown at the February festival don’t typically come out until the end of the year. Few probably expected that it would take nearly two years to hit the market. They finally began appearing in shops last December. 'Made in celebration of the brand’s 145th anniversary, the three-cigar Línea de Oro (or …
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