CT 500 Room Console

If you simply want to filter a room from a single cigar, open a window. If you've got a house full of avid aficionados, puffing on stogies, consult a nuclear engineer.

At the least, that's the logic of the R&D boys at Environmental Dynamics Group, which also makes industrial air-filtration systems to clear casinos and auto plants and stave off bioterrorist attacks. Its CT 500 Room Console is a small purifer that uses the same air-filtration technology that has blocked radioactive dust from escaping nuclear weapons plants and, as it turns out, has the power to clean the smoke that billows in the tasting offices of Cigar Aficionado.

An unassuming box, the Console stands about two feet high and wide and eleven inches deep. But don't go by size. This potent pal to indoor smokers can refresh a 560-square-foot room six times in one hour. It can eliminate odors, bacteria and nearly any airborne particle that your cigar or Mother Nature can dish up. According to EDG, the Console's patented technology will remove 99 percent of all air pollutants without using ozone, a chemical typically used for air purification, which can be harmful to nasal and lung tissue and emits an unpleasant odor.

The Console acts as a smoke magnet. A two-speed fan sucks smoke through an electronically polarized "media pad" consisting of fiberglass filament. As the particles in the air pass through the air cleaner an electrostatic field polarizes them and they bind together. These pollutant chunks then stick to the media pad. The pad is located behind a wire screen and has to be replaced every two to four months, depending on the degree of use.

The Room Console comes equipped with wheels and can easily be rolled from one room to the next. It's available in a teak veneer or a choice of solid colors and retails for $699.

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