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Crown Royal Gets Personal for Father's Day

With Mom out of the way, it's time now to think about Father's Day, which arrives in less than a month on June 19. Crown Royal is offering a custom gift for Dad with a service, which puts a personalized message on the famous purple cloth bag that the premium Canadian whisky is packaged in.

The service allows you to have any familiar phrase for which Dad is known--even it's a bit off color--embroidered on the front of the bag. Customers can visit this website——with their greeting, and the company will personalize a velvet bag with it.

The personalized bags sell for $9.95 for the 750-milliliter-bottle bag and $11.95 for the 1.75-liter-bottle bag. Consider it now as the service takes two to four weeks for delivery and the ground delivery cannot be expedited.

You'll probably also want to include a bottle of the supremely smooth whisky with its round vanilla notes as well as cocoa and caramel as part of your gift. Without it, Dad may be thinking of you for all the wrong reasons every time he sees the bag.

Please comment with suggestions for quotes from Dad.

"Question-I have had a cradle for my 1.75 Crown Royal bottles for many years. It just broke and I really want to replace it. Any suggestions? " —December 1, 2011 17:39 PM
"I like that now with a personalized label we can get a personalized bag!!!! Heres to my favorite spirit, Crown Royal!!!!!" —May 23, 2011 17:28 PM