Connecticut Trend Continues With Room101 Big Payback

Connecticut Trend Continues With Room101 Big Payback

Connecticut-seed wrappers are growing increasingly abundant in cigar-store humidors. The latest brand to join the trend is The Big Payback, Matt Booth's line of fat, value-priced Nicaraguan puros.

The new Room101 Big Payback Connecticut, which will ship to retailers on February 22, is comprised of Connecticut-seed wrapper grown in Ecuador, a Mexican binder and filler tobaccos cultivated from the Dominican Republic.

The list of cigars cloaked in lightly hued, Connecticut-seed wrappers continues to grow. Just last year, Padrón Cigars released Dámaso and Drew Estate came out with Undercrown Connecticut. Both are milder versions of the company's premium cigars. My Father also released a lighter-colored version of its El Centurion brand called H-2K-CT, which is named after a proprietary wrapper that was grown in the Connecticut Valley and rated well. They join a host of other cigars made with these traditionally light wrappers, including Macanudo Café, one of the world's biggest cigar brands.

Room101 Big Payback Connecticut

Like the original release of The Big Payback, which debuted in 2014, the Connecticut version will be delivered to stores in three sizes: Chavala, which measures 5 inches by 50 ring gauge; Hueso, 6 by 60; and an unnamed 7 by 70 size. The new Connecticut line also adheres to the price-conscious philosophy of its predecessor, as it will carry retail prices that range from $5.50 to $7.50.

The Big Payback Connecticut will also be packed in large 30- and 50-count boxes, and boxes of 10 will also be available on a limited basis. The packaging is adorned in white and gold branding, with Booth's signature off-centric, Japanese-inflected designs.

Additionally, Booth has planned a series of in-store events to promote the new release. While dates for these events have not been announced, yet, Booth says the full calendar will be posted to his Room101 Facebook page.

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