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Compact Humidors

Compact Humidors
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From left: Daniel Marshall Desktop/Travel Humidor ($250), Brizard & Co. Cylinder Desk Humidor ($199) and Davidoff of Geneva's Voyager humidor ($1,290).

Cabinet humidors may be the central command stations for connoisseurs with a collection, but don't overlook the convenience of having a few satellite humidors on hand for the office, vacation home or anywhere else cigars are enjoyed. Unlike your primary humidor, which keys on capacity, secondary humidors should be versatile—both compact and elegant—as well as portable, so they can be displayed on your desktop and seamlessly tucked into your duffel bag for a weekend excursion.

Travel humidors needn't forgo style for the sake of durability. Case in point: Davidoff of Geneva's Voyager humidor ($1,290, pictured at right) exhibits an opulent simplicity in its on-the-go design. The macassar exterior (also available in rosewood) contains a very subtle coat of matte finishing, giving it a fashionably rustic look. Rounded edges, designed for easy handling, offer a sleek contrast to pointed rectangular humidors. And heavy-strength magnets, which seal the lid, enhance the minimalist aesthetic by obviating the need for straps or buckles.

Humidor craftsman Daniel Marshall also understands the need for compact elegance, which is why he created the fittingly named Desktop/Travel Humidor ($250, left). Marshall's smaller humidors include all the refinements of his larger offerings, but are scaled down to fit about 20 cigars alongside their built-in humidification systems. Handmade in California, the Desktop/Travel Humidor boasts a precious burl-wood exterior coated with Marshall's "trademark 1,000-coat lacquer finish." If you're looking to get the most storage out of a compact humidor, the Daniel Marshall option has the depth to stack two layers of smokes, in contrast to the Voyager, which accommodates one layer of about 10 cigars.

For those who travel light or are short on space, an economical option may be a stand-up cylinder humidor, such as the Cylinder Desk Humidor ($199, center) from Brizard & Co. Known for crafting cigar accessories from exotic woods, Brizard's Cylinder is available in five different varieties—wenge, zebrawood, macassar, bubinga (shown), and rosewood—as well as an assortment of leathers. The cylinder holds 10 to 15 cigars inside a Spanish-cedar lining and includes a removable four-prong divider. The lid is secured by a screw cap—which includes a built-in humidification device—keeping your cigars fresh and intact during transit.

If you have any apprehensions about tarnishing such beautiful wood exteriors while traveling, Davidoff's Voyager humidor includes a leather carrying case, while the Daniel Marshall Travel/Desktop Humidor and Brizard & Co.'s Cylinder Desk Humidor come with travel pouches for additional protection.

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"Or you could spend 25 bucks and buy a Herf-a-Dor 10-cigar travel humidor, throw a couple of Bovida 72% packs in there, and spend the rest of the money on some Prensados or Pepe Mendez Piloticos. Works for me. " —September 20, 2017 00:43 AM
"great looking Humidors .Zebrawood is on my list. " —August 3, 2016 20:14 PM