Collecting Cuban Cigars

Collecting Cuban Cigars
Photo/Habanos S.A.
You can collect investment-grade rarities like Gran Reservas (above).
How Cuban cigar smokers around the world buy for future consumption, and for investment
A cigar collection? It is easy to hear those words and think, what’s that? Most people in the United States buy cigars for daily consumption and rarely think about laying down a dozen or more boxes every year of their favorite smokes only to break them out years later. The reality is that serious Cuban cigar smokers in many countries buy, store and age cigars as a normal practice, one that can pay huge dividends in terms of smoking pleasure and even financial gain. But if collecting cigars is a standard practice, what are the rules? How many boxes of a particular cigar should you buy when planning to age them? What’s the best temperature and humidity for storing? When is …
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